13 benefits of honey and its medicinal properties

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Highly nutritious, honey is a sweet liquid made by bees from flowers’ nectar. Deposited in the hive, it feeds them all year around. According to nutritionists and naturopaths, honey has multiple medicinal properties and incredible health benefits. Honey is in fact one of the best natural medications – read on to find out why!

1) Honey: a natural sweetener

Honey is one of the best natural alternatives to white sugar. You can add it to your coffee, your cakes, or any of your sweet or even savoury dishes.

Be careful however not to overdo it, as honey is still a sugar, and consumed in large quantities, it could lead to cavities and weight gain.


Certain European health agencies recommend against giving honey to babies younger than one year old, as it can cause infant botulism. 

2) Calming, anti-insomnia properties

When honey is consumed, it contributes to the release of insulin in the body, and stimulates a compound naturally present in the body: tryptophan, which promotes sleep. 

As heat increases the effect of tryptophan, if you suffer from insomnia, drink a glass of hot milk and honey around one hour before going to sleep, because milk is not easily digested in the evening.

3) Anti-bacterial properties for ailments and illnesses

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey is an effective natural remedy for fighting against certain ailments, such as colds or sore throats. 

Add a dessertspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon to a cup of hot water. Drink this beverage twice a day, morning and evening, and your cold or sore throat will rapidly disappear!

4) Honey: a natural anti-inflammatory

Whether you have a cough or an inflammatory illness such as gastroenteritis for example, honey is one of the best natural medications you can find.

Before running to the pharmacy for your little ones and buying a cough syrup, give them a spoon of honey, either on its own or mixed in hot chocolate milk.

The honey will create a fine protective layer which will line the throat and prevent the irritation that is causing the cough.

5) Easy to digest and performance enhancing

Unlike sugary foods, honey is easily digested, and releases energy more slowly, which is great for sportspeople, who need to be able to exercise quickly after a meal or a snack.

6) Honey: regenerating, and ideal for healing wounds

The antibacterial and regenerating properties of honey prevent infection in a wound, a cut or a burn, and help the skin to heal more rapidly.

Clean the area with water and natural soap, rinse it and apply a little honey to it. Leave to dry naturally if possible, or otherwise cover it with a plaster.