10 tips for choosing a sex toy

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10 tips for choosing a sex toy
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6. Choose a model that is rechargeable, rather than using regular batteries

The batteries that stay in sex toys run out alarmingly quickly (remember to remove them after each use). And there is nothing more frustrating than noticing that a sex toy is slowing down (or even stops completely) in the heat of the moment. Ideally, go for a model that you can recharge with a plug.

7. Forget about rhinestone, gold or lipstick vibrators

Although they may be cuter than their counterparts, these types of vibrators are rarely long lasting and they are more difficult to clean.

8. Remember to clean them

After each use, cleaning your sex toy with soap and water is essential. Looking after it will ensure it lasts for longer. You should then dry it and store it in a clean, dry area (for example, in your underwear drawer).

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9. Go for the classics instead of hi-tech sex toys

Many high-tech sex toys, which can be connected to your smartphone, have flooded the market in the past few years. Such gadgets are often cumbersome and not very effective. It is better to stick with a more “classic” toy, which will guarantee satisfaction.

10. Strengthen your muscles at the same time

Why not try out some Geisha balls? These objects can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If you want to have fun with your partner, vibrating eggs that are operated by remote control can double the pleasure.

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