10 things you didn’t know about sperm

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Sperm are the reproductive cells, the male gametes produced in the testicles. They measure around 5 micrometers in diameter and they have a flagellum of about 60 micrometers long, a type of tail that helps them move around in the uterus. Here are 10 things that very few people know about sperm. 

1) They work like self-driving cars

Like self-driving cars, sperm advance progressively and automatically towards the egg to be fertilised, if there is one – in other words, when the woman is ovulating.

Thanks to the sperm tails, which work as a GPS guiding their movements, the sperm gain speed and naturally arrive at the egg.

2) They have a sweet tooth

Sperm feed only on sugar, and they love it! The more sugar a man eats (ideally natural sugars), the more his sperm will have a sweet taste.

3) Sperm prefer the cold

High temperatures can kill sperm, particularly repeated exposure. This is why they are contained in the testicles, outside the body, as regular body temperature of 37°C is too high for them. It is best that men avoid exposure to temperatures above 35°C (baths, saunas, using laptops on their laps, etc.). Very tight clothing can also have a negative impact on the quality of a man’s sperm.

4) They suffer from insomnia!

Even when they are stored in the testicles, sperm are always active, and never take a rest. Who knew? It could be one of the reasons why men are always thinking about sex!

5) They are becoming less numerous, and less effective

Nowadays, a 30 year old man has an average of 50% fewer sperm than a 30 year old man fifty years ago (in the 1960s)!

The causes for this reduction in the quality and quantity of sperm could be multifactorial. It may in particular be due to poor diet, dangerous habits (laptops on the lap, heat, tight trousers) or to the absorption or consumption of toxic and chemical products such as endocrine disruptors.