10 statistics about female sexuality and desire

10 statistics about female sexuality and desire
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If you want to know more about female sexuality and desire, you’ve come to the right place. A study by a Parisian market research company in March 2014 questioned 1,003 women on the internet over the course of a week. Discover the 10 remarkable statistics revealed by the survey. 


97% of women dare to express their sexual desires, but not fully…

Regardless of their age, level of education or family situation 97% of women were brave enough to discuss their sexual desires with their partners. Even though they feel a certain equality with men, only around 50% of women thought they would be brave enough to talk about their fantasies as much as men do.

24% of women act on their fantasies

Less than a quarter of women claim to have acted out one of their fantasies. They rarely act them out, doubtless because female fantasy is primarily psychological. Fantasising alone can raise arousal, without necessarily needing to act out the fantasies.

80% of women are satisfied with their sex lives


“Good but could be better”, or a 7/10: this is the mark attributed by 81% of women in relation to their satisfaction with their sex lives. Only 19% feel they have reached nirvana and gave marks of 9/10 to their sexual satisfaction.

51% of women make love at least once a week

4% of these 51% make love once a day. 62% of women were satisfied with the frequency with which they had sex, although one in two stated that they would like it to happen more often. According to the the survey, women don’t take enough initiative in terms of sex.

63% of 18-24 year-olds enjoy cunnilingus

Of all of the women asked, 52% said they enjoyed cunnilingus. Younger women tended to appreciate it more, at 63%. They were also the least self-conscious about the practices of oral sex and masturbation, but not about anal sex.

91% of women are in exclusive relationships and would not like to share partners

Partners are not seen as toys and 91% of women wouldn’t loan or borrow them. The majority reported that they would say no to orgies, swinging, sadomasochism, or infidelity, even if the 18-24 year olds seemed less averse to such practices.

2 out of 3 women prefer to dominate during sex


Yes gentlemen, forget your male-dominant theories, only 33% of women like to be dominated in bed! 67% prefer to dominate. The sex position has nothing to do with dominating your partner or not. In fact, the majority of women prefer guys to go on top (76%) but more than half of them also enjoy going on top (68%)! This figure climbs to 70% among the 18-24 age bracket, who were the most adept at domination games.

31% of women would like to have more confidence in themselves

3 out of 10 women would like to have more confidence, in order to be better able to “let go” in bed. Others would like more sensuality, bravery and imagination -qualities which are also important to break routine and get out of a rut.

Most women seek foreplay and imagination


Women aged from 18 to 24 tended to prefer slightly wilder, rougher sex (22%), playing around with consensual force. But the majority of the women in all age brackets put the emphasis on foreplay, sensuality, attention, daring, imagination or delicacy -varied qualities. For those over 60 years old, tenderness was the most important factor.