The top 10 positions for reaching the G spot with a large penis, without causing pain

Ah, the G spot, the holy grail of our sex lives…. If your gentleman friend is endowed with a large or very thick penis, this can have its advantages: you can easily reach the G spot! Here are 10 positions that work well for large penises. 

1) The wolf

You are both standing up but the woman has her back to the man, who holds her hips to control the pentration and the movements.

2) The square

The lady is lying down, with her legs on top of the man, who is lying on his side, perpendicular to her. His hands are free to stimulate the clitoris, if he is able to do two things at once….

3) The cocktail

Both parties in a standing position, the man rubs his penis against his partner to arouse her prior to penetration. The penetration is not usually very deep unless the woman is wearing high heels!

4) The great bear

The woman faces the bed, and rests her elbows on the edge of the bed, while the man stands behind her and raises her legs to penetrate her.

5) Reverse cowgirl
The woman takes a squatting position over her partner’s pelvis, keeping her back to him. She can hold his ankles or take his hands to assist with the movements. The lady can also use her hands to stimulate the man’s testicles, while the man can work on stimulating her clitoris.