Calculate your body’s “real” age with this website

Researchers in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology created a website where you can calculate your physical age, thanks to a formula that takes into account your actual age, your level of physical activity and your resting heart beat, among other factors. Are you ready to know what your body’s physical age is? 

Finally a study analysing the links between sport, lifestyle and health

Good physical health is the key to longevity and general health. Your body’s ability to transport and use oxygen during exercise, called your VO2 max, is what provides the most precise possible measure of the health of your cardiovascular system. Thanks to in-depth research conducted by the K. G. Jebsen Centre of Exercise Medicine in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, you can now easily estimate your physical age by responding to a few questions. (Responses are kept confidential).

The goal of this project is to study how much maximum oxygen consumption, VO2 max, is linked to conventional risk factors.

What is the CERG (Cardiac Exercise Research Group) ?

The goal of the Cardiac Exercise Research Group  (or CERG), is to find out how to treat and prevent the main societal health problems, such as obesity and cardiovascular illness. You can find out more on the Norwegian University of Science and Technology website

Calculate your physical age


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